Forest School

Thanks to the fundraising efforts of parents over the years, Pre-school now offers our very own ‘Forest School’ which opened in September 2013.  This is a magical space, enhancing children’s learning through a range of outdoor experiences.  Children learn about and interact with their environment through a range of activities – from mixing soil and water to make mud pies to splashing in puddles.  Forest School has added a whole new dimension to education, offering children a unique opportunity to arouse their sense of fascination and wonder of the natural world.

With the kind and generous help of past parents, along with Parkfield Building Services, E H Smith Builders' Merchants and Simon Burt Estate Agents, our wonderful shelter, complete with magical storytelling chair, was opened to the children in October 2015.  This shelter allows us to use the Forest School Garden come rain or shine.  

There is something very special about snuggling up in woolly hats and gloves and listening to fairy tales with the rain pitter-pattering down overhead!

Our Forest School offers all of our children opportunities to achieve and develop confidence and self-esteem through
hands-on learning experiences in our very own woodland setting.  It is a learning approach that sits within and complements our Early Years curriculum, providing a magical environment which allows our children to be curious and fascinated, and experience awe, wonder and joy in the Great Outdoors. Forest School is a natural yet exciting extension of Pre-school's learning environment, and we are constantly expanding and developing our unique 'outdoor classroom'.